At the Bottom of the Shaft
10 minutes Betacam SP documentary. Testimony of a Belgian coal-minor named Marcel Carlier. A PASS production (Park Adventure & Sciences in Frameries- Belgium).
Capoeira, New Horizons
52 minutes 35 mm documentary, about the education of street children in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) through art and culture, especially through "Capoeira" and "Samba Reggae".
Sakuddei, the Flower Men of Indonesia
75 minutes 16 mm ethnographic documentary on a forgotten clan in the jungle of Siberut (Mentawai’s archipelago in Indonesia).

Gadani Terminal
10 minutes 16-35 mm documentary. The second biggest world ship-breaking in Pakistan.
"Baloutchs of Pakistan" (Pakistan) et "Sikhs in India" (India).

Green Gold
Series of 3 x 52 minutes: "The Treasures of Green Gold", "High Stakes for Green Gold", "Shamans of the Future". On the importance and uses of the medicinal plants in the world and the challenge they represent to the chemical medicines. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of each of them. What could be the future of medicinal plants.
Heaven for Hearth
56 minutes, 16 mm documentary, shot in the Amazonian part of Ecuador. Introduction of modernity into archaic societies, ecology, conflict between the Indians who assert their rights and the oil companies, missions, settlers...

Lapland of Reindeers... and Men
25 minutes 16 mm black and white documentary about the migration of reindeers and Lap people, north of Norway.

42 minutes tv film on Lepidium meiieni, a roots growing up to 4000m high on the Andean plateau. Its spectacular properties on fertility, know since the Inca era, is turning it into an attractive commercial product. Themes: Biodiversity and Bio piracy in developing countries.

Mondo Incognito
55 minutes, 16 mm documentary about traditional events of pagan origin in Central Italy . Introduced and narrated by Dario Fo.

Nanga y Vuza : Singing harp
40 minutes 16 mm documentary. Healers and traditional medicine in Rwanda.
Pia's Story: My Brother, my Sister sold for a fistful of lire
90 minutes 35mm and 60' video documentary. One aspect of the international children’s traffic which touched Italy after World War II.

Power of Herbs
30 minutes, 16 mm documentary, about the manufacture of medicines following recipes of traditional healers in Rwanda. Co operation or cultural spoliation ?

26 minutes Beta SP documentary shot on the banks of Nokué lake, North of Cotonou in Benin. Sterility and wedding between women.
Women on the Top
30 minutes, Beta SP and D1 documentary. Seven testimonies of European women-journalists about the equality between men and women in the field of journalism.